How It Works

What is SportProposal?

An online community of people who are interested in playing sports. We use city based member profiles to make it easy for you to find players and games in your area.

Find Players

You can reach out to players in your area by utilizing our find players function where you can search and filter other SportProposal players by location, sport, skill level, gender and more in order to find your perfect player match.

Once you’ve found the perfect match, you can message them directly through the website which will notify the player via email.

Find Games

You can find upcoming games in your area by utilizing our find games function. The games listed here are a combination of other member game proposals and upcoming tournaments/leagues.

You can filter by location, sport, skill level, and game type. 

You can accept a proposal by DMing the player or via the contact information on the listing. You can also propose your own game to the game listings and allow others to find your game. 

Propose a Game

Want to play a game tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend but don’t have anyone to play with yet? Submit a propose a game form and it will be added to our games listing where other members in will be able to see it and respond via direct message or reaching out to the contact information you submitted. 

If you are a league or tournament organizer, you can also add your events to the listings.


Our reviews system will allow you to review players, games, and events. 

The reviews system is meant to give other members in the community a better understanding of the experience to expect. 

For example, if you wrote about John and said “he’s a great tennis player, who was fun and brought a ton of energy”, the next member looking to player tennis near john would know what to expect when reaching out to John directly. And now John gets to play more tennis and meet more people!