How To Set Up a touchtennis Court

Have you heard about or played touchtennis and excited about setting it up at home? Well you’ve come to the right place. Below we will outline all steps needed in order to have a court ready for battle in no time.

  1. You’ll need a flat piece of land thats atleast 40ft by 20ft.
    1. touchtennis can be played on concrete, grass, clay, wood, or anything that will allow a ball to bounce.
  2. You’ll need to buy an 18ft kids tennis net.
    1. You can find a kids net anywhere on the internet but click here to see the best one we’ve used so far
  3. Next, you’ll need to get material for the lines.
    1. If on grass, we recommend white marking paint (2 or3 cans per court)
    2. If on concrete, basic chalk or heavy duty tape will work
  4. Once you have all the materials, you are ready to make your court! The key is right angles and patience.
    1. See below for a video on the dimensions needed for a touchtennis court

Other notes:

  • The rackets used are just 21″ kids tennis rackets that you can find on amazon, at your local tennis store, anywhere on the internet
  • The balls are specific to touchtennis, you can buy them on the official touchtennis site here

Have fun and let us know how it goes!

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