Join a League in My City

Fill out the form below if you have interest in joining a SportProposal league in your city. The SportProposal leagues will work as follows….

  • SportProposal will organize and connect the players/teams for each league
  • Each team will have 8 weeks to play the other teams in their league in a “season”
  • The playoffs will be based on “season” records 
  • Winners will win a City Championship t-shirt, fame, and fortune

Join a league today and test your game in a more competitive environment.

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More details…

  • Each team will coordinate with the other teams to player their games
  • The playoffs will be single elimination and played in a certain time frame 
  • We plan to run leagues across many sports, including: 3v3 basketball, golf, tennis, touchtennis, 2v2 volleyball
  • Rules will be outlined once the leagues are finalized. At a high level we will create a system that allows for fairness and flexibility for each sport
  • In order to ensure commitment, league fees will be $10 a person