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Kaluhyat – 1 Thing To Know About Every Hole Before Playing

Just east of Syracuse lies Turning Stone Resort and Casino; home to some of the best golf in the country – if not world. On my first excursion up to Verona, NY from my Long Island abode, I embarked on Atunyote and Kaluhyat. I absolutely love both courses; I would liken Atunyote to what playing golf in a Mario golf game where the course is Peach Gardens would be like. The course was manicured with some of the most breathtaking landscaping I’ve ever set eyes on. With that said, the course is relatively straightforward. The only time I wish I had known something before hitting a shot was that there’s a ton of room behind the 11th green. However, at Kaluhyat, there were multiple times throughout my round where an audible “Ahhhhh” might have been heard by a nearby bird, or perhaps, pheasant. But alas, that will not happen to you! Below is one thing I wish I knew about every hole at Kaluhyat.

1 – You can either layup in front of the green, over the bunkers, or all the way to the left of the hole as the fairway encompasses the middle fairway bunkers.

Plenty of room to the left off the tee on the 2nd

2 – There’s a collection area to the right of the green that is fairway cut length that is hard to avoid.

3 – The putt will break more than you think.

4 – It’s a short hole but you need distance to carry the corner to have a decent look at the green.

Carrying the corner is father than you think

5 – Green plays a little uphill; walker’s the next hole is up to the left from the green.

6 – Right is a lake on your tee shot so miss left and I don’t see how anyone short of Dustin Johnson can go for this green in 2. Lay up right as there’s a good amount of room and chip on.

7 – There’s more fairway to the right than you think.

View from the 7th Tee Box

8 – There’s about 15 yards of fairway over the bunker before the green which is the ideal landing spot as most players will be hitting a longer iron into this long uphill par 3.

9 – You can go either right, left, OR directly over the middle fairway bunkers.

View from fairway of the unique 9th

10 – The green is further away than think.

11 – Cutting the corner on your drive is pointless as even a perfect drive way over the trees and deep will leave you with a long, tight approach to a small uphill green protected by a hill and a deep bunker. Lay up short of the swamp and hit a pitching wedge or 9 iron on.

12 – A straightforward hole; be on the right side of the fairway.

13 – Carrying the water is 300 yards (Yes I know it looks closer). Miss to the left.

14 – There’s water right, so don’t go there, and its an easy hole as far as this course goes at least.

15 – The green is tiny and if the pin is in the front you basically need to carry the ball to the pin to be on the green.

16 – Where the trees narrow isn’t fairway – it’s a fescued drop off. Sick hole design, not when you pipe a drive down Broadway though as you probably wont find your ball. Hit a hybrid or long iron off the tee.

17 – Straight away Par 3 that plays very downhill.

18 – The fairway is huge but you want to be on the left side. Any miss of the green besides long and you’ll have a tough bunker shot.       

There you have it! I know after my round I was stunned by the beauty and craftsmanship of Kaluhyat. I hope you enjoyed the course as I did and found this guide useful. Hit em’ straight!

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