San Diego Is a Bikers Paradise – Coronado Silver Stand Bike Path

SportProposal drove South, with two bikes in tow, last weekend in order to explore the city of San Diego. We were excited about the opportunity to see a new city  and break the rhythm of what has felt like a marathon quarantine and our experience cycling the city and surrounding neighborhoods did not dissapoint.

We stayed in downtown San Diego and the bike paths throughout allowed us to see many attractions that were not within walking distance. Most notably, the Silver Strand Bike Path, in Coronado (just west of San Diego).

The Silver Strand Bike Path starts right at the ferry drop off point and takes you through a public golf course, tennis courts, neighborhoods, and hotels before spitting out into a strand of land that is no more than 1/4 mile wide and miles long. The bike path could take you all the way to mexico before you have to turn around but the National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to stop, take a break, and turn around. There are also many sandy beaches to rest at along the way.

Detailed Bike Route and Instructions

Buy Ferry Tickets

National Wildlife Refuge

Silver Strand State Beach

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