The Time I defeated Owen in golf

It was a beautiful sunny day in late October. My friends Owen and Riley had mutually decided to get a round of golf in at our home course – The Powelton Club. Powelton is a unique track capable of humbling any golf who can’t find the fairway or who struggles with fast undulated greens. Short and pristine, it was the perfect course for me to defeat Owen.
We decided to play the back which has a more open feel than the traditional front 9. The first hole, a relatively short Par 4 with a long narrow two-tiered green. Owen thinned his first shot about 50 yards. Hit his fourth shot over the green into Death Valley and got an 8 to start while I took my usual bogey.

Even with the good start for me, I didn’t feel I had a chance against a superior golfer until the Par 4 12th. A beast of a hole with a massive elevated green that is cross angled for the approach.

I vividly remember hitting my 210 approach with my 4 iron right online to about 20 feet. I put a little too much spin on the shot as it stopped. If I had let it release I could’ve been looking at an eagle. Nonetheless, I had an uphill 20 footer for birdie. Not a shot you expect to hole especially with the pressure of the given situation. But as soon as I hit it, I knew. It was going to its home. The put was good all way and when it went I fired a Woodsesque fist pump to the chagrin of Owen.

The round continued with Owen playing middling gold and me maintain a string of bogeys. Then…came the final hole. A short uphill Par 4 that should be an easy par. I like most holes stripped the fairway, hit an iron greenside and two pitted for bogey. However it was Owen who simply needed a par to tie me. His third shot was from the fringe and he opted for his hybrid. A shot he left to about 3 feet across the slope. He knew the pressure this little 3 footer packed and did he let it get to him. Of course it did. He missed the put high side, (like the pros do) and dropped his putter in anguish.

Thus ended Owens consecutive victory streak over me and temporarily gave me the title of “Best Golfer at the Mount”.

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