LA touchtennis Championship

The last event of 2020 will be held in Los Angeles, California and will be a touchtennis tournament. touchtennis is a more compact version of tennis that is conducive to fun points and competition and we expect a ton of good players to show out. Register today to take part in a fun day of LA touchtennis.

  • Men Open Singles
  • Women Open Singles
  • All Gender Doubles
  • Each event will be consist of a group stage with the top teams from each group entering a single elimination bracket style tournament.  
  • Everyone is guaranteed at least 3 matches.
  • Each match is a best 2 out of 3 sets
  • Each set is to 4 games decided by a tie break to 5 points if the players reach 4 games all. A set must be won by 2 clear games (4-2, 5-3 etc…)
  • Group winner is decided by matches won
  • Group ties are decided by total amount of games won 
  • Semifinals and Finals is knock out style
  • Singles Registration – $20
  • Doubles Registration – $30
  • Online payment is accepted after registration
  • 70% of registration fee goes to prize pool
  • Winner gets 80% of prize pool
  • Second place gets 20% of prize pool
  • Game scoring is same as Tennis
  • Set are played first to 4 games, tie breaker at 3-3
  • No second serves
  • No lets
  • If you yell a profanity, you lose that point and the next point
  • If you throw a racket, you lose the current game and the next one
  • Rackets must be 21 inches or less (kids rackets size)
    • We will have a racket for everyone to use

We understand there is risk associated with hosting this tournament in such uncertain times so we will take every precautionary measure and follow the rules set forth by the city and state.

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.

  • The venue is still TBD
  • We will keep you updated as Gameday gets closer
  • Questions? Reach out to

Want to learn more about touchtennis? Check out the videos below.

Single LA TouchTennis Championship 5.21