touchtennis Tournament Rules

Tournament Format

  • Players will play in group stage where you’ll play 6 games vs each player in your group
    • To start match, one person picks to serve/return and other person picks side
    • You’ll submit how many games you won after each match
  • Winner of each group will be determined by total games won, and will play in a first place match
    • 2nd place in each group will play in a third place match
    • Group tie-breaker will be broken by sudden death point
  • First and third place matches will first to two out of three sets to four games
    • Tie breaker at 4-all to 5 points

touchtennis Rules

  • Normal scoring as tennis (15-0, 30-0, etc.) 
    • Sudden death point at 40-40 (Returner picks side)
  • Server only gets one serve
  • No lets (If ball hits net and goes in, the point is live)
  • If you yell an obscenity, you lose the current point and next point
  • If you throw your racket, you lose the game