Weekly Challenge Monetary Support

With the weekly challenge continuing to be a thing (loving the momentum), we want to let you guys know what we plan to do with the money raised during weeks when the prize to complete the weekly challenge is an additional $10 to support kids in under-served communities. As we continue to put more thought into it, we will be flexible with our strategy but we know the there will be three core components when determining how to spend the money: 

  1. Provide an experience that provides a unique perspective to the kids
  2. Have the experience lead to opportunity for more learning, growth, and/or affirmation
  3. We will stay closely connected to the entire process

For now, our first step is to provide an opportunity for kids in Charlotte to take classes at a local MakerSpace. The idea is to create a fun, interactive environment where kids can learn to build something cool and see a glimpse of the opportunity that a MakerSpace, and its equipment, provides. If a kid is passionate about what they learned, we can support more long term education and opportunity.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions feel free to reach out at!

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